The Double Tree Village Museum is a favourite outing of families who live in Red Deer homes. This Village is one of the biggest in Alberta with 25 buildings including a teepee, and the new printing press building as well as the Trading Post are both complete and awaiting their grand openings. Families enjoy wagon and sleigh rides with the Village’s Belgian Teams out to Hidden Lake, and then warm themselves in the Wagon Wheel Hotel or have a picnic in at the fire pit in the Village’s picnic area. People who live in Red Deer homes often dream of what life was like in the “old days,” and the Double Tree Village helps bring those dreams to life.

The town began in 1997 when a couple who were fascinated with the old way of life needed a place to display their collection of artifacts of the old ways, which that they had collected over their 48 years of marriage. Double Tree has a U shaped street which is lined with all the little shops and buildings that would have been in a village a century ago. Visitors are welcome to come and treat themselves to an exploration of the old ways, and the Village even hosts events from family gatherings to weddings. Christmas time is particularly beautiful and families living in Red Deer homes are welcome to contact the Village and plan a holiday event that will suit their entire family.  For more information and contact numbers see the Village’s website at, Double Tree Village Museum, or email them at